"a developing community which
is environmentally, socially,
economically and culturally
attuned and fulfilling"

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The committee of The Seymour We Want (TSWW) have put many volunteer hours into organising and managing this process. The end result is one which has brought many ideas into the arena, with no specific action attributed to them. This process provides opportunities for anyone to take action – either individually or in action groups and/or in partnership with local authorities.

The degree of action and change is really dependent upon local citizens taking up the challenges. The Seymour We Want is keen to support any local groups into action and to promote accountability with agencies that have said they will or might act on suggestions. The TSWW is not the group to take on specific projects but act as a facilitator for action. This can cause some confusion in the community but it is clearly the purpose of TSWW as per its Incorporation documents.

The ‘Bright Ideas’ community consultation process has limitations. Not everyone has had their say, some ideas may be ‘over represented’ by the actions of a few individuals, and the process was not an attempt to indicate a popular ‘vote’ on suggestions. However, it does give some indication of citizens’ priorities. The fact that over 600 ideas were put forward from an extensive age range, is an encouraging sign that local residents do feel local pride and want more done to make Seymour and surrounds an even better place to live and work.



Finally, TSWW would like to thank everyone who assisted in this process:
- our suggestion box partners:
Flavour Gourmet Foods, GMCU, GO-TAFE, Mitchell Shire Council Seymour Library, Sports and Aquatic Centre, Seymour East Kindergarten, Seymour & District University of the Third Age (U3A), Seymour Business & Tourism, Seymour FM, Seymour Renewal
- local newspapers (Seymour Telegraph, Seymour Nagambie Advertiser) and radio (Seymour FM 103.9)
- the Mitchell Shire Council for funding assistance
- Phil Bourne and his team of facilitators for running the Planning Day and also to Phil for his assistance in drafting this document – a huge job!
- and most importantly – the people of Seymour and District who took the time to make 625 suggestions and to attend the Planning Day.
This is your document – use it to make the Seymour YOU want.



We would like to acknowledge Peter Kenyon (Bank of IDEAS) – from whom we ‘borrowed’ the concept for a ‘Bright Ideas’ type of initiative.


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