"a developing community which
is environmentally, socially,
economically and culturally
attuned and fulfilling"

The Seymour We Want Logo


  • 2001 – ‘The Seymour We Want’ Community Action Plan
    was produced as a result of community meetings. This document highlighted future directions for local action and provided a vision to create ‘The Seymour We Want’.
  • 2005 – ‘Seymour 2015’ Community Plan
    was published in May as a result of further community consultation. This expanded and detailed document provided a further vision for community development in the Seymour area.  It listed concrete goals and targets for community and government action.
  • 2005 - 'What’s Happening Seymour & Surrounds’
    community events e-newsletter commences. This free e-newsletter promotes local community events and publishes relevant community information.
  • 2006 - First ‘Volunteer Expo’
    held to acknowledge volunteers and promote local volunteer organisations. The Volunteer Expo has now become incorporated into the Seymour Show.
  • 2008 - First edition of the TSWW Seymour Community Directory’
    published in March, providing information about a range of local services and groups.
  • 2009 - Second edition of TSWW ‘Seymour Community Directory
    published in September, providing a much expanded listing of services and groups. There are over 150 local community, recreation, sporting and church groups in the Seymour area!
  • 2010 - The 'What’s Happening' e-newsletter
    has over local 300 subscribers: including voluntary groups, service providers, businesses, media and individuals.
  • 2010 - The Seymour We Want website
    goes live, providing an online version of the ‘Seymour Community Directory’ and ‘Seymour 2015’ Community Plan to the community
  • 2010 - Federal Election Candidates’ Forum
    held in August 2010 in association with Seymour Business and Tourism and Seymour U3A
  • 2010 - State Election Candidates’ Forum
    held in November 2010 in association with Seymour Business and Tourism and Seymour U3A
  • 2011 - The Seymour We Love Sticker
    Launch of the promotion.
  • 2011 - The Seymour We Want is on FACEBOOK
    seeking interactive comment on Seymour issues and ideas
  • 2011 - Launch of the Bright Ideas
    initiative for updating our community action plan
  • 2012 - Public forum
    held in April to develop a new edition of the Seymour Community Plan
  • 2012 - Local Government Election Candidates' Forum
    held in October in association with Seymour Business and Tourism and Seymour U3A.
  • 2012 - Launch of the updated Community Plan
    encompassed in the Bright Ideas call to action project.
  • 2013 - Facebook
    offers additional community information about events from Seymour and it's surrounds and community information.
  • 2013 - Printable Community Directory
    Launches a printable and downloadable edition of it's Community Directory
  • 2013 - www.seymourvictoria.com.au
    Launches a new visitor information website.  
  • 2014 - Held Three Electoral Forums (Federal, State & Local Government)
    Had Candidates from all levels meet with locals
  • 2015 - BZE - Beyond Zero Emissions
    Three sustainability workshops in conjuction with BEAM & U3A


TSWW has supported a range of local community groups and activities such as:

  • The development of the Seymour University of the Third Age (U3A) through facilitating, connecting and networking.
  • Writing letters of support, e.g., for the All Abilities Playground, Tastes of the Goulburn
  • Writing funding applications, e.g., assisted Kings Park Committee of Management, SpArt
  • Hosting the ‘Great Seymour Quiz’ in partnership with the Seymour and District Historical Society.  All funds raised for the Society.
  • Providing Seymour Business and Tourism with practical assistance
  • Organising tree planting days and nature walks in conjunction with the Mitchell Shire Council
  • Organising Volunteer Expos
  • Seymour Public Art, a sub-committee of Seymour and District Art Society, benefited from funding by TSWW
  • Providing a variety of speakers and public forum sessions for local issues such as transport, the local economy, education, tourism, volunteering and the environment
  • In conjunction with Theatrical Amateurs Players Inc, arranging a community opera
  • Volunteering at the ‘Tastes of the Goulburn’ Festival
  • Participating in ‘Clean Up Australia Day’
  • Working towards beautification of areas of Seymour
  • Networking by regularly publishing a “What’s Happening” e-newsletter
  • Created a website promoting Seymour and what is available
  • Candidates Forums in both State and Federal elections, to give the local community access to consider who they wish to support in the voting process
  • Practical assistance to the Seymour & District Flood Fund for Charlton, Victoria

ONGOING PROJECTS - Monitoring and updating community information.

  • TSWW website  - incorporating the ‘Seymour Community Directory’ and the ‘Seymour 2015 and Bright Ideas’ Community Plan
  • Facebook page - using social media as another method for promoting community engagement
  • "What's Happening" fortnightly e-newsletter - for easy assess to events and activities in Seymour and Surrounds
  • www.seymourvictoria.com.au - a visitor information website.


  • Ongoing Development of our Facebook page for community engagement for Seymour and Surrounds.
  • ‘Seymour Community Directory’ creation of a downloadable and printable version while continuing to seek funding to print a Third Edition - the hardcopy edition for people without online access.
  • Development of the website www.seymourvictoria.com.au - a visitor information website.