"a developing community which
is environmentally, socially,
economically and culturally
attuned and fulfilling"

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The following is the content of the 2005 Community Action Plan that is known as the Seymour 2015 document. Since by 2010, much of the goals have been achieved or are in the process of being achieved, or they may have been adapted to reflect changing community moods and needs; the action has now begun to update our action plan.

The launch of the Bright Ideas initiative was the start of the ideas gathering processwhich was then included in the community workshop that occurred in April 2012. The outcome of which will be to set the goals for achieving the community WE want, not that which may be dictated by Government or organisations which have their own agendas. It is a Community Action Plan for Building a Better Seymour

The Aim of this 2005 document was not only to introduce the residents of Seymour to their own vision for the town, but also to give people an opportunity to participate in the goals and actions set out in the plan. It will be used to begin the update process due to start 2012, to be a platform from which we will launch the next step in the evolvement of Seymour into an advanced version of "a developing community which is environmentally, socially, economically and culturally attuned and fulfilling".

The information reflects the goals and actions that came directly from the public consulations held in 2004. Each area is divided into goals, actions, progress partners, target dates and milestones. The goals are the only parts of the plan that are quite fixed; the other categories will be reviewed annually by the residents of Seymour to ensure that the plan stays on track, but also to give the residents of Seymour the opportunity to make changes or adapt it to meet their needs. It is a living document.


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