"a developing community which
is environmentally, socially,
economically and culturally
attuned and fulfilling"

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People (especially young families) are attracted to places where educational facilities and offerings are of a high standard. It is shown as a key determinant in surveys of industrial location. The link between educational and economic development is shown by preparing the community for the world of today and tomorrow and not yesterday.

All actions regarding educational achievements should be geared towards improving quality, raising inclusiveness, ensuring relevance to the current employment and social environment, fostering innovation, active promotion and developing leadership.

GOAL     Fully integrated educational service for Seymour, inclusive of all ages and abilities, reflecting the
              lifelong culture of learning in Seymour
Partners Action Target Milestone
  • Seymour residents
  • The Contact Place
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Seymour U3A
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Central Ranges Local Learning and Employment Network
  • University Representative
  • Seymour Special School
  • Seymour Community House

Review of Educational needs, current provision and resource utilisation across all educational sectors for the wider Seymour community

First meeting prior to end October 2004 Review completed November 2005; Integrated delivery plan: 2006; COINS (Integrated Learning Computer System Network) November 2006

75 per cent seamless service delivery rate in first year of implementation 98 per cent seamless service delivery rate in fifth year of implementation

Implementation of integrated educational strategy


Lobby for a community representative on the GOTAFE advisory council to support delivery of relevant programs


Community comments and feedback opportunities regulary used to participate

Support GOTAFE in its efforts to expand


Uptake of new courses by local and external students

Provide more educational technology throughout the community and establish mentor programs

University offering into Seymour: 2007

University presence in Seymour, using existing resources

Boost and support ongoing improvement of service delivery in our school exchanges


Annual increases in uptake of tertiary training places by young people from Seymour

Celebrate and recognise educational achievements of local people and support educational leaders and champions


An annual publc event to honour and celebrate educational achievement

2010 Update

  • The 2 public state schools, the secondary school and Seymour Special School are combining into one integrated P-12 campus that is known as the "Regeneration Project". A principal has been named and building works will soon be underway.
  • Seymour U3A is growing substantially and looking for dedicated space for itself.
  • Seymour GOTAFE has introduced new courses into the local campus.