"a developing community which
is environmentally, socially,
economically and culturally
attuned and fulfilling"

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ECONOMIC (including Tourism)

Economic development in Seymour should provide a broad range of opportunities that is skill-based; is current within the economic climate; keeps our young people here or encourages them to return after they have left to study; is environmentally sound;and brings visitors and tourists into the region.

Seymour has solid economic industry attraction factors; available land, good road and rail access, a good water and power supply, an under-utilised labour force, a broad range of business services and very good weather.

The contribution of non-economic factors to the economic development of a town should not be underestimated. Everyone wants to live in an attractive and efficient town (that is easy to get around in). Everyone wants to live in or visit a town that has an attractive character. This is why it is so important to spend the time and money on streetscaping, improving town centres, retaining and enhancing the existing character of the town and making it a physically attractive place to live.

The other aspect that gives Seymour a real sense of place is its historical buildings and heritage areas. The active historical railway centre is complemented by the historical station. The Australian Light Horse Park is a national icon complemented by the Army Tank Museum at Puckapunyal. Both of these aspects celebrate Seymour's rich history as a railway town and army town. They are ideal drawcards for tourists.

Added to these are assets such as the historical Goulburn River bridge, the old courthouse, the Pioneer Cemetry and accessible historical walks and books on these areas.

GOAL     Attract new enterprise, investors and agencies
Partners Actions Target Milestone
  • Seymour residents
  • Mitchell Shire Council
  • Rural Development North East Victoria Area Consultative Committee
  • Media
  • Training /Education

Promote Seymour to investors:

Continue to offer incentives;

Council to promote investor activities better

Ongoing (within two years from 2004)

10 per cent increase in new business annually from 2007

To be Tidiest Town in Victoria again


Tidiest Town 2001 attracted wide publicity

2010 Update

  • New business including an ALDI supermarket are coming to town.
  • While not being tidy town again, we have been winning smaller categories.


GOAL     Retention and growth in existing businesses
Partners Actions Target Milestone
  • Seymour residents
  • Mitchell Shire Council
  • Rural Development North East Victoria Area Consultative Committee
  • Media
  • Training/Education

Share business skills through the use of networking groups;

Make use of assistance available


85 per cent retention of local youth skills (2007)

2010 Update

  • New businesses have come to town and some businesses have expanded, though others have left.


GOAL     Greater awareness of Goulburn River and river-based activities (ultimately attracting new activities)
Partners Actions Target Milestone
  • Seymour residents
  • Seymour Business and Tourism
  • Goulburn-Murray Water's Tourism Group
  • Mitchell Shire Council
  • The Seymour We Want
  • Tourism Victoria
  • Local Media
  • SeymourFM 87.6
  • Goulburn River and Ranges Tourism

Extend the current walking trail


Increased visitor and tourist numbers by 10 per cent annually

Better use and expansion of Seymour and region Goulburn River and Ranges brand


Establishment and success of safe and insured river-based activities - one additional activity per year

2010 Update

  • Walking trail is complete to past planning, talks are ongoing on further extentions.
  • Leisure use of river and riverside activities is under discussion
  • The Rail trail which largely follows the River is now in development in both the Shires of Mansfield and Murrindindi with Mitchell to follow shortly.


GOAL     A fully accessible and integrated public transport service
Partners Actions Target Milestone
  • Seymour residents
  • Mitchell Shire Council
  • Local Transport services (taxis and buses)
  • State and Federal governments

Lobby for better accessible timetables of trains and better pricing on trains


State government continuing upgrade of railway lines

Lobby for increase in bus services;

Bus to Seymour from outlying areas

20 per cent increase in use of bus services in Seymour

  • Local Travel Agencies

Monitor existing interstate train and bus services to ensure they are maintained and that V/Line continues to provide connecting services for the Sydney XPT


2010 Update

  • Public transport services (rail) have increased - though not to Shepparton - bus services have improved including a service to and from Alexandra
  • Rail lines have been standardised so XPT service can now stop in Seymour. Seymour now also has a third platform to the station.


GOAL     Support for - and investment in - local traders and business
Partners Actions Target Milestone
  • Seymour residents
  • Mitchell Shire Council
  • Websites on Seymour
  • Traders in general
  • General community
  • Projects such as the Business Retention and Expansion program

Promote a variety of retail in Seymour (eg a bookshop and more fashion shops)

Support Seymour Shop Local campaign


Event/facility attendance increase

5 per cent increased employment opportunities a year;

10 per cent increase in new businesses a year

Market special days (eg; link with Expo, Christmas etc)


Annual "All Seymour" Christmas catalogue;

Trader rate and promotion incentives - annually for all businesses

Support farmers market days


Positive feedback from community and business into community plan and other public documents

Strive to keep meeting local needs, eg; local suppliers stock what big businesses stock, or can get it easily


Reduction of out-of-town businesses targeting the Seymour consumer market - reduction in junk mail from outside Seymour/

2010 Update
  • A variety of new shops have opened including a bookshop and more fashion/clothes shops
  • Seymour Business and Tourism have initiated Shop Local events. The bushfires also saw a Shop Local Campaign in Mitchell Shire.
  • Seymour Business and Tourism and Mitchell Shire have/are organising special days.
  • Seymour has a monthly market held at Kings park
  • Tallarook holds a monthly Farmers Market


GOAL     Celebration of Seymour's assets, attractions and events
Partners Actions Target Milestone
  • Seymour Residents
  • Mitchell Shire Council
  • Seymour FM 87.6
  • Websites on Seymour Businesses
  • The Seymour We Want
  • Schools

Raise Community awareness about Seymour


Event/facility attendance increase

Seymour residents and business people need to be ambassadors for the area


Annual local resident satisfaction survey

Regular familiarisation tour for the community


Produce quarterly newsletters with happenings and local celebrations

2010 Update
  • Seymour Victoria website established
  • Seymour FM has ongoing promotions of local events
  • The Seymour We Want's "What's happening e-newsletter goes out to more than 300 subscribers
  • Ongoing promotion by MSC Business and Tourism office
  • Seymour to be part of Goulburn River Valley Tourism Group
  • The Seymour We Want website offers a Calendar of Events and information on its many assets, attractions and events


GOAL     Octoberfest (major events combined)
Partners Actions Target Milestone
  • Seymour residents
  • Event committees Mitchell Shire Council
  • Other community groups
  • Tourism VIC (event funding)
  • The Seymour We Want

Use the network of event committees and community groups to co-ordinate major events


Financial and tourism success of Tastes of the Goulburn and other surrounding events

2010 Update
  • Tastes of The Goulburn, Victorian Wine Show, Seymour Cup and Seymour Quilt Fair all held on the same weekend
  • Annual Charity Gala Dance


GOAL     A recreational tourism mecca
Partners Actions Target Milestone
  • Seymour residents
  • Mitchell Shire Council
  • Existing interest groups
  • Potential users
  • State and Federal Government funding sources
  • The Seymour We Want

Seek appropriate locations where motorised sports can be encouraged,

eg; go-kart business and off-road motorbike trails


Positive feedback and participation from children and teenagers in the community

Invest in major recreational event that will bring people to Seymour (such as ute muster)



Support Rail Trail to final phase


Ongoing community and landowner support for the rail trail

2010 Update
  • Go-karts, extreme rally driving now operate in the area
  • Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail in development from Tallarook to Mansfield


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