"a developing community which
is environmentally, socially,
economically and culturally
attuned and fulfilling"

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ARTS AND CULTURE (including Crafts)

Seymour is in the priviledged position to have an abundance of arts in the town and district. Performing arts, visual arts and hobby groups have good membership and are very active on the local scene.

The town also has two great art galleries, with one regularly featuring national and international artists. The visual artists of the area also take part in annual events such as the Tastes of the Goulburn with exhibitions. Performing arts groups participate in productions across the Mitchell Shire.

Young people express their talents through FREEZA events, taking part in events such as the shire wide "Battle of the Bands", and supporting "Unplugged" evenings. Hobby and community groups support local events through exhibitions.

GOAL     Well supported and maintained local art venues
Partners Actions Target Milestone
  • Seymour residents
  • Seymour FM 87.6
  • Local media
  • Local business
  • Local drama groups Seymour Arts Council
  • Seymour Technical High School
  • Mitchell Shire Concert band

Support the completion of the Seymour Performing Arts Centre (SPAC)


Completion and opening of Seymour Performing Arts Centre

Attend and participate in events, including movies in the SPAC theatre, and fundraisers

Ongoing and immediate

20 per cent increase per year in attendance at arts events

Promote the multi-use facility at SPAC, attracting conferences and conventions

2010 Update
  • Seymour Community Arts Centre has been completed and officially open in 2009


GOAL     A town that welcomes artists and nurtures artistic development
Partners Actions Target Milestone
  • Seymour residents
  • Seymour FM 87.6
  • Local media
  • Local business
  • Business and tourist groups
  • Local artists and galleries
  • Seymour Arts Council

Strengthen membership of the Seymour Arts Council


Increased membership of 2 per cent per year

Register and promote new art and cultural groups at the Visitor Information Centre and Seymour Services Directory

2005 and ongoing

Register acts and groups at least once a year in Visitor Information Centre and Seymour Services Directory

Bring big and well-known plays to Seymour through SPAC


At least one well-known artist or play in Seymour each year

Support local and regional festivals and arts events with attendance and participation

Immediate and ongoing

Increase of 10 per cent a year to markets, such as tastes of the Goulburn

2010 Update
  • Numerous new groups have begun and these are listed in our Community Directory (Second Edition) 2009


GOAL     A town that celebrates its rich history
Partners Actions Target Milestone
  • JAAMBI Aboriginal Co-operative
  • Seymour and District Historical Society
  • Seymour Bushland Park Committee
  • Seymour Railway Heritage Centre
  • Puckapunyal Army Tank Museum
  • Seymour arts Council

Host a Koori (indigenous) music festival, using well-known artists, as well as local artists

Inaugural concert staged before June 2006

Bi-annual indigenous music festival in Seymour

Support Seymour’s railway heritage through attendance and promotion at relevant events

Historical exhibits at the Alternative farming Expo and throughout the year

20 per cent increase in steam train excursion participation

Promote and support all cultural and historical initiatives

Ongoing and immediate

5 per cent increase per year in membership and groups

2010 Update
  • A Vietnam Veterans’ Commemorative Walk is under construction in High Street


steam train