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Five major themes emerged

1.  Image, look and feel of Seymour

2.  What’s Happening in Seymour

3.  Economic Development and Town Planning

4.  Support for People of Seymour – Through Community Services

5.  The Community of Seymour

The greatest area of priority from the ‘Bright Ideas’ community consultation was the ‘image, look and feel of Seymour’. From the number of suggestions and the energy and ideas from community members on the Planning Day, it is evident that the way community members see their town of Seymour, in a physical aspect, is very important. The bulk of respondents believe it is vital that Seymour develops a ‘town proud’ attitude with the way that it is physically maintained and presented, e.g., beautifying entrances and streetscapes, maintaining parks and gardens both public and private, increasing availability and use of facilities such as walking /cycle tracks, ensuring some pride in the history of the area and Seymour being a safe place to reside.

The next significant area of interest for community members was the activities that happened in Seymour. People would like more local cultural events that promote community cohesion and wellbeing, particularly for young people and families. Ideas such as a cinema for Seymour were highly represented and a cinema was regarded as a general leisure amenity but also a place for young people to congregate in a positive environment. There was support for more community events like “Tastes of the Goulburn” which are very well supported by locals as well as attracting visitors to Seymour.

The next area of interest was the promotion of a local prosperous society, particularly with developing business opportunities such as tourism. Enthusiasm was generated for greater utilisation of the surrounds of Seymour such as the Goulburn River, and improving amenities that cater and promote tourism, which would also be of benefit to local people’s wellbeing.  Increasing job opportunities and creating a more prosperous Seymour was significant, again especially for young people. How local business conducts itself in light of potential attraction to tourists was relevant and diversity of retail options was important especially again for younger people.

With all the external manifestations of a town being ‘proud’ and ‘attractive’, there were many suggestions about the health and welfare of local people. Local public transport, health service delivery and connected educational opportunities were significant in the feeling of the need of support for local residents.

Finally there was a thread of recognition that Seymour needs ways to connect and enhance itself as a community. This included relations of the residents with Mitchell Shire Council, the image of the town and even a place for people to congregate.  An underlying element of many suggestions was that for Seymour to prosper, the central pivot was community – its recognition at present, ways to enhance it and means of celebrating and promoting it.

The themes are further detailed below.



1a) Streetscapes and entrances
The general appearance of Seymour is very important to the community - it should welcome people and reflect the feel of the town.
The presence of trees is very important, from the Plane trees in Tallarook Street and to the image of Seymour when entering the township.

1b) Tracks and Trails
Making Seymour more bicycle, walking and pony friendly was important.
The multi-purpose track next to the Goulburn River and the nearby Rail Trail has sparked interest in promoting and developing more facilities that make alternative transport such as cycling, walking and riding in and around Seymour more appealing.

1c) Parks and Gardens
Maintaining and developing our local parks and gardens is a high priority for locals. Particularly, focusing on enhancing natural features, increasing native bushland, ensuring publicly accessible areas for all, including the disabled and elderly.

1d) Heritage
Preserving and highlighting local heritage characteristics throughout Seymour, such as, repairing and reopening of the Goulburn River Bridge, restoring other buildings and promoting Seymour’s rail and military heritage.

1e) Murals and painting
Beautification of local streetscapes through murals and paintings in public spaces was a popular suggestion.

1f) Public Safety
Enhancing traffic and pedestrian safety via better signage, lighting, etc., was seen as important.

1g) Maintenance
General maintenance of roads, footpaths, amenities, gardens and lawns is highly desired by the community, making areas more user friendly.



2a) Sport and Recreation
The most popular suggestion in this area was the development of a local community cinema. Other ideas included more facilities for local activities and expansion of the facilities and opening times of the Sports and Aquatic Centre.

2b) Youth
There was a general enthusiasm to develop more places and activities for children and teenagers.

2c) Events
Suggestions from the town indicated more events would provide a dual purpose of increased tourism to Seymour and provide entertainment for the local populace. The “Tastes of the Goulburn” and the “Seymour Alternative Farming Expo” are acknowledged, however more such events are wanted.

2d) Community Arts Centre
A general request for the Community Arts Centre to be better utilised and accessible to the local community.



3a) Tourism
Multiple ideas were proposed to make Seymour and surrounds more attractive to the tourist, for example, through aesthetic changes, better utilisation of the river, making information more available and longer business opening hours on weekends. Improvements listed under the “Image, look and feel of Seymour” were also mentioned again here.

3b) Employment
There is a plea for development of more local employment opportunities especially for young people. Industry suggestions range from employment in a local entertainment complex, warehouse outlets to community and alternative energy companies.

3c) Retail
The community is pushing for a broader range of local retail and café outlets and longer opening hours.

3d) Customer Service and the Shopping Experience
Some suggestions to create rewards and incentives for current businesses to enhance their ambiance, customer and overall services.

3e) Planning & Housing
Ways to promote business in Seymour through strong local planning and housing development including retirement housing.



4a) Public Transport
Suggestions included changes to the train timetable to make it more commuter friendly through to improvement to local public transport options.

4b) Health
Suggestions range from health service providers making services more accessible through to preventative health tips as well as incorporating the development of tracks and parkscapes with exercise zones.

4c) Lifelong Learning
Ideas generated to link education organizations and community project groups to create education pathways and a strong emphasis on lifelong learning.

4d) Disability Support
Better inclusion of people with disabilities in education and the community through better awareness, action and more support for carers.

4e) Rubbish
Regular hard rubbish removal was identified as well as green waste removal and enhancing rubbish collection points at various hot spots around Seymour.

4f) Library
There were some suggestions for the expansion of library services for all ages.

4g) Crime Prevention
Suggestions re policing and public security.



5a) Mitchell Shire Council
Ideas range from greater connection between the residents and the Shire council through to various suggestions for the Council boundaries.

5b) Community Spirit
A range of ideas to promote Seymour having a greater experience of community.

5c) Community Hub
Some ideas for creating community spirit through a place for townsfolk to meet and socialise. This also can be cross-referenced to 2a) Sport and Recreation – young people want a place to meet and socialise such as a cinema or entertainment complex.

- Some ideas can fit under a number of categories. TSWW has endeavoured to fit suggestions under the most relevant category.
- Since the start of the ‘Bright Ideas’ project a number of community suggestions have already been addressed, e.g., extended library hours.


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